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Selling in waterlooville


Selling a house often appears to be quite straightforward, however there are many nuances to the process and sometimes a few hurdles can be encountered along the way. We endeavour to provide accurate valuations, comprehensive marketing and thorough sales progression.  Our primary aims are to achieve the best price and to see the transaction through to exhange of contracts in the shortest timescale possible.

1 initial visit
  • Firstly, we provide a considered valuation with supporting comparable evidence. We’ll suggest the highest figure possible, but we won’t be too ambitious.
  • Information on our fees and general guidance on moving costs if required.
  • Advice on the selling process and how to achieve the best price.
2 Preparation
  • Next, prepare for photographs by removing any day to day items, cutting the lawn and removing vehicles from the driveway.
  • You’ll need to sign our agency agreement. We’ve kept it short and straightforward, but we’ll still talk you through it.
  • Photographs, measurements and details are taken. Draft details sent for your approval.
3 Launch
  • Once you’ve approved the details, we’ll get you on the market promptly.
  • After that, we’ll call, email or write to everybody on our database who might be interested.
  • Your property will be visible on all four major property portals.
  • The details will be displayed in our town centre office.
  • When new prospective buyers contact us, we’ll make sure they know about your property if it meets their criteria.
4 Viewings
  • We’ll ask you about your preferred viewing arrangements and whether you will be home.
  • If you have cats, dogs or any other pets which need to be considered we will discuss this with you. We are used to working around pets and making sure they’re okay if the owners can’t be home.
  • We try to give viewers as much information as possible.
  • Importantly, during viewings buyers are kept within our sight at all times. if several people are present, we keep them all together.
5 Feedback
  • If there hasn’t been immediate feedback or an offer, we’ll follow up the next working day and get back to you.
  • Even if we can’t get hold of the viewer, we’ll still give you a call or an email.
  • In the event of recurring negative feedback, it’s always useful to know
    because sometimes adjustments or improvements can be made.
6 Offers
  • You will be notified of all offers received.
  • Moreover, we will check the whole chain to ensure accuracy of information and we will pass this information to you.
  • The financial position of the buyers will be confirmed and proof of funding obtained.
  • Finally, Buyers identities are formally confirmed.
7 Choose a Solicitor
  • Next, you’ll need to appoint a solicitor to act for you, as will your buyer.
  • In most cases, the buyer and seller cannot use the same firm of solicitors.
  • We recommend you choose a local and reputable company. If a problem arises, good quality legal support is absolutely invaluable.
  • If you don’t have a solicitor in mind, we can obtain some estimates and have them sent directly to you.
  • Once both the buyer and seller have chosen a solicitor, we will issue a ‘notification of sale’ to all parties in order to commence the transaction.
8 Valuation/Survey
  • It is likely your buyer will have a mortgage valuation, homebuyers survey or both.
  • Valuation surveys are basic reports conducted for the lender.
  • Sometimes valuation surveys may be a ‘drive by’ or ‘desktop’ valuation with no internal inspection.
  • Homebuyers surveys are full reports and these are what most would people consider to be a normal level of survey.
  • In some instances, buyers may choose to have a building survey.
9 Legal Work
  • Next, your solicitor will issue draft papers to the buyers solicitor.
  • The buyers solicitor will then order searches and these are usually received in around 1-2 weeks.
  • In addition, the buyers solicitor will raise any enquiries, sometimes in several sets. Your solicitor might ask you to provide answers or documentation.
  • Finally, contracts and transfers are signed.
10 Exchange and completion
  • Once all links in the chain are ready, completion (moving dates) are discussed and agreed.
  • Contracts are exchanged making all parties legally bound to complete the transaction on the agreed date.
  • You may need to think about booking a removals company, we can provide recommendations on request.
  • In most cases, you’ll need to move out by 1pm on the day of completion.

We are independent estate agents and have been selling houses from the same office in Waterlooville since the late 1990s. Furthermore, our experienced team all live nearby. This means we can provide excellent information on both property related matters and the local area.

Although we may be a smaller company, our marketing rivals our larger competitors. You can find us on all the major property portals which are Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and On The Market. Because of this, we believe that we offer the best of both worlds.

Most importantly, we understand that sellers require the high standard of service often associated with smaller firms, but without sacrificing the marketing power needed to achieve the best possible price.

Just a few of the reasons to sell with us:

  • TPO member firm
  • PPA member firm
  • Substantiated valuations
  • Feedback from all viewings
  • Thorough offer check procedures
  • Town centre office
  • Marketing on all four major portals
  • Comprehensive sales progression