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We can provide a written estate agents appraisal, commonly referred to as an ‘agents probate valuation’ of residential property in Waterlooville, Havant and the surrounding areas. In most cases, we do not make a charge for this service. When a person passes away, the executor or administrator needs to work out the value of their estate and apply for a ‘Grant of Probate.’ In most cases, this is the most valuable asset which a person owns. It’s very important that you are confident in the estimation of it’s value.

To book an appointment, please call us on 02392 259226 or email waterlooville@eyreandsons.co.uk

Upon arrival, we will request a brief tour of the property and may ask you some questions. We understand that you might not have detailed knowledge of the property, so it’s okay if you can’t answer them all. If the property is leasehold, please try and find a copy of the title which shows the lease length.

Once we’ve had a look around, we will talk you through any comparable evidence we feel is relevant. The best comparable evidence will always be sales which have completed. Properties which are sold ‘subject to contract’ are acceptable too. Sometimes we might show you examples of similar properties currently for sale. These don’t constitute solid comparable evidence, but they are a useful guide and can be interesting to see.

Finally, we verbally provide you with our estimated current market value of the property. Within a few days, we will email or write to you confirming the ‘probate value’.

If the property will ultimately need to be sold, we can discuss this with you either at the time or at a later date. We understand that if you’ve lost a relative or friend, you may prefer a more brief visit and just the essential information initially.

Information regarding our services can be found on our selling page.