viewing policy during covid-19 pandemic

The Government have entrusted estate agents to help get the economy moving again by resuming business and conducting viewings. This is good news, but it’s very important that estate agents act responsibly whilst the pandemic is ongoing.

We took the lead in Waterlooville and were the first agent in the town to begin working remotely, closing our office even before we were compelled to do so. Whilst we know many of our competitors will approach this differently, we want to continue to be the local benchmark for how estate agency business should be conducted during this difficult time.

To mitigate risk as much as possible for all parties, we are implementing the below:


  • Every viewing creates a risk. Therefore, we will only accept viewings from prospective buyers who are in a position to proceed and have provided evidence by way of their selling agents details and/or a valid mortgage decision in principle/proof of funding.

    We are finding that prospective buyers who are told they can’t view because they haven’t yet sold will often follow with the same response: “we can let our own property and buy without selling.” Evidence of this will be required before a viewing is booked.

  • Viewers must confirm whether there is any likeness of them having been exposed to COVID-19 and whether they are a person considered to be ‘at risk.’

  • Viewers should wait outside the property until our staff member has checked the property and confirmed the owner(s) have vacated (if applicable) and the viewers can enter.

  • Any viewers showing symptoms pertaining to those of COVID-19 will be refused entry.

  • Only the prospective buyer(s) will be permitted at the property. Any other parties will be refused entry. No additional friends or family may attend. This rule may be relaxed for second viewings, at the company and property owner(s) discretion.

  • The viewers must sanitise their hands upon arrival and not touch anything in the property unless absolutely necessary, for example a handrail whilst climbing the stairs.

  • Viewers must remain 2 meters away from our staff member and the owner(s)/occupier(s) if present.

  • Viewers who develop any symptoms in the period of 7 days following the viewing should inform us immediately.


  • Sellers must confirm whether there is any likeliness of them having been exposed to COVID-19 and whether they are a person considered to be ‘at risk.’

  • Sellers should vacate the property during the viewing, except in cases where this is not possible. Weather permitting, waiting in the garden is also acceptable.

  • If possible, all internal doors and relevant cupboards should be left open so our staff member will not need to touch them.

  • The seller, if present, should maintain 2 meters from our staff member and the viewers at all times.

  • Weather and security permitting, the seller should leave as many windows open as possible for ventilation.

  • The seller should disinfect any surfaces which may have been touched.

  • Sellers who develop any symptoms in the period of 7 days following the viewing should inform us immediately.

A.J.Eyre & Sons Staff Member:

  • We will wash our hands before departing to the viewing and sanitise our hands before entering.

  • We will wear disposable gloves and mask, unless supply issues prevent this.

  • Any member of staff who is showing symptoms will not attend the property, nor will any other member of staff who has been in contact with that person or any other person who is likely to be infected.

  • We will not touch anything at the property unless necessary. If the viewers wish to look in any cupboards, we will open them for the viewer knowing we have taken all reasonable hygiene precautions.

  • If the property is empty, we may open windows where possible for ventilation.

  • We will ask the viewers not to touch anything at the property unless necessary.

  • Viewers will be monitored and should they need to touch anything (such as a handrail) we will disinfect it before departing or inform the seller (if present) so they may do it.

Due to the highly contagious nature of this disease, it is not possible to guarantee the complete safety of buyers, sellers, occupants or our staff. You should consider this before booking or accepting a viewing.

We will continue to do everything possible to reduce the risk of infection with an emphasis on protecting those who could be most vulnerable.
We will amend our viewing policy on an ongoing basis, as matters develop.

If you have any questions, concerns or feedback, please email or telephone 02392 259226.